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Course Fee : 27 USD

  • Course Duration : 6 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Managing our emotions well and responding meaningfully to the emotions of others is crucial for working collaboratively with others and achieving productive outcomes. Developing empathy and connection with others enables us to create a harmonius work environment, leads us to better decisions and positively impacts innovation.

Course Objective

  • Make better decisions
  • Improve your communication
  • Work better with employees and/or colleagues
  • Improve your own performance as well as that of your team

Course Curriculum

  1. Recognizing and understanding your feelings
  2. Making use of your feelings to reach constructive decisions
  3. Developing the ability to connect
  4. Enhancing listening skills
  5. Defining your team’s DNA and boosting Productivity

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