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Servo Hydraulics

Course Fee : 14 USD

  • Course Duration : 35 Minutes
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


When closed-loop hydraulic control systems first began to appear in industry, the applications were generally those in which very high performance was required. While hydraulic servo systems are still heavily used in high-performance applications such as the machine-tool industry, they are beginning to gain wide acceptance in a variety of industries.

Course Objective

After Completion of this Course, you will be able to :

  • Describe the role of torque motor in servo hydraulic
  • Describe Pilot stage and spool actuation technologies
  • Differentiate between different types of servo system
  • Explain Null performance

Course Curriculum

This Course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Torque Motor
  • Coil Connection
  • Introduction to Servo Valves
  • Pilot stage & Spool Actuation Technologies
  • Flapper Nozzle Servo Valve
  • Jet Pipe Servo Valve
  • Servo Jet valve
  • Linear Force Motor
  • Direct Drive valve with Electrical Feedback
  • Spool lap design
  • Zero lap, Under lap & Overlap
  • Types of Servo system
  • Null Performance

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