Tata Steel Digie-Shala - Heat treatment training courses for industry professionals and metallurgy freshers


Course Fee : USD 25

Course Fee : USD 10

  • Course Duration : 2 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Heat Treatment is the procedure of heating and cooling metals to change their physical and mechanical properties without changing their shape. Basically, it is a mechanism for strengthening materials but could also be used to transform some mechanical properties such as improving formability, machining, etc. This module helps you to understand the different Heat Treatment process that is required to change metals' physical and chemical properties. The purpose of this technical e-learning course is to enable you to assess your existing knowledge through a pre-test, then lay out the objectives and demonstrate the process through real-life case studies, simulations, and process diagrams. This course is driven with easy to remember blueprints and graphs, making it a memorable learning experience for the candidate. The module takes us through the best heat treatment processes in the industry, demonstrated by TATA Steel's in-house practices.

Course Objective

1. Micro Structure of various phases of Steel.
2. Various processing phases in Heat Treatment of Steel.
3. Phase Transformation Kinetics of Eutectoid steel, Hypo-Eutectoid Steel, Hyper Eutectoid Steel through T-T-T diagram.
4. Continuous Cooling Transformation(CCT) Diagram.
5. Various Heat Treatment Techniques.

Course Curriculum

  • Material Structure of Steel
  • Heat Treatment of Steel
  • T-T-T Diagram for Eutectoid Steel
  • T-T-T Diagram for Hypo-Eutectoid Steel
  • T-T-T Diagram for Hyper-Eutectoid Steel
  • Continuous Cooling Transformation(CCT) Diagram
  • Heat Treatment Techniques

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