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Hot Strip Mill Equipment and Process Flow

Course Fee : 11 USD

  • Course Duration : 65 Minutes
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Hot rolling mills facilitate the rolling of hot slabs into hot steel strips. The unique process flow and equipment provide required mechanical and surface qualities to this strip suitable for the next manufacturing process. This eLearning course provides a comprehensive understanding of hot strip mill equipment and its process flow. It is designed to combine both practical and theoretical aspects of the equipment in hot strip mills and their process across the steel industry.

Course Objective

This module will help you understand the hot strip mill layout and different types of equipment used in the process for producing hot strips of the required shape and size. Participants will also learn the process flow and parameters of the mill and metallurgical aspects of the process and product to control the product properties.

Course Curriculum

  • Topic-1: Process flow of a Conventional Hot Strip Mill
  • Topic-2: Equipment involved in the HSM Process
  • Topic-3: Slab Yard
  • Topic-4: Slab Yard Operation
  • Topic-5: Re-heating Furnace-Purpose, Parts, Burner, Recuperative, Regenerative, Specifications, Beam Movement
  • Topic-6: Primary Descaler

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