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Course Fee : 11 USD

  • Course Duration : 1 Hour
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


The e-learning on Limits, Fits, and Tolerances provided a better understanding of the concept of assembly of components. Limit plays a vital role in the fitting of different components as well as its accuracy of how much the components are precisely manufactured. The manufacturing of components depends on the various parameter, to keep the production rate high at the minimum cost of production the person involved in manufacturing must be aware of limits, fits, and tolerances. The accuracy of the fitting and assembly depends on the type of fit and its application. This eLearning module gives the understanding of deviation, fundamental deviations, grade of tolerances to achieve different types of fit.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand:-

  • Interchangeability Size of components
  • Various types of Fit Fundamentals
  • Deviation and Grade of Tolerance
  • Study of Tolerances Chart

Course Curriculum

  • Definitions
  • Fits
  • Standards
  • Course Summary
  • Post Test

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