Course Fee : USD 100

Course Fee : USD 13

  • Course Duration : 1.5 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days


Stowing is a method in which the goaf is completely packed with incombustible material like  sand or fly ash etc. and is generally practiced where it is necessary to keep the surface and strata above the seam intact. Sand-stowing was practised for the first time in United States of America about in the year 1892 with the object of protecting buildings on the surface and also the surface itself. In India the introduction of this process is comparatively new; it was first tried at Ballarpur in Madhya Pradesh about in 1914 and subsequently introduced in the Jharia coalfield about in 1919. Stowing as measure against protective measure -To protect surface structures (township, industrial plant, railways, roads etc) which can’t be shifted. It also to protect dangers arising due to subsidence, prevent fires, premature collapses, explosions and flooding in coal mines.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to improve the knowledge & skill of stowing crew. You would learn different type of  stowing materials & stowing operations.  Laying of stowing pipe range and Hydraulic profile. Mixing chamber and sand water ratio. Hazards associated with stowing operation and during transportation of sand. 
Different types of bends & dismantling or shifting of pipes etc. 

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of Stowing
  • Types of stowing.
  • Hydraulic Stowing
  • Sand Gathering & Transportation at surface
  • Surface Stowing arrangement
  • Stowing range including shaft & District Stowing range
  • Stowing Operation
  • Pipe dismantling , shifting & maintenance of stowing range

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