Shear Forces and Bending Moments

Shear force refers to the force delegated along on a surface. Essentially, the force forms no inclination/angle to the surface on which it is acting on. On the other hand, the bending moment specify to the internal rotational moments that cause a section to bend. 

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Cams and Followers

When the two channels are connected either along with a point or at a line, it is known as a higher pair. Two such higher pair mechanisms will be combined in a cam-follower system. A higher pair mechanism is called cam and follower. In this webinar, we will learn abo...

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Second Law of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is an important branch of physics that deals with the energy and work of a system. Thermodynamics deals only with the sizably voluminous-scale replication of a system which we can visually examine and quantify in experiments. Small scale gas interactio...

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