AIR COMPRESSOR: 25.07.2020


AIR COMPRESSOR: 25.07.2020

Compressed air is considered to be industry's fourth utility. It is an energy source, like electricity, water, and natural gas, which allows people to operate equipment, tools, and processes, safely and efficiently. This  webinar focuses on the subject ‘Compressor ’ which includes the use, types, constructional details, compression, capacity control, maintenance, and safe operation of air compressor. These elementary knowledge are essential for any operation and maintenance personnel for efficient utilization of the system. This webinar will be a refresher course for all Engineering and Diploma students and give them a picture about importance of this course in competitive exams.

Program Objectives: 

To familiarize with Reciprocating Air Compressor, Single stage compressor – computation of work done, isothermal efficiency, effect of clearance volume, volumetric efficiency, Free air delivery, Theoretical and actual indicator diagram, Multistage compressors – Constructional details of multistage compressors, Need of multistage, Computation of work done, Volumetric efficiency, Condition for maximum efficiency, Inter cooling and after cooling Classification, Difference between compressors and blowers, Working and constructional details of roots blower, Screw type and vane type compressors.

Date: 25.07.2020

Time: 11:00am-1:00 pm


Facilitator: Abhipraya Tiwari

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Delivery Mode: MS Teams

Course Fee : 250.00 INR