Industry 4.0  increases the awareness about the term 'Digital' as a concept and also gives an overview of various digital technologies like 'Industry 4.0', 'Social Media', 'Cloud', 'Cryptocurrency', etc. 'Digital Capability Development'is a 6 Hours e-learning module and this module aims at increasing awareness about the term 'Digital' - as a concept, as well as in terms of the technologies and applications associated with it. About 10000 employees of Tata Steel have already undergone this course, and were largely benefitted by it. This module includes the basics of digital technology, Internet of things (IoT), Social media, Analytics, Big data, cloud computing in detail highlighting some practical applications to make it easy to understand for the users. This is hosted on a cloud based platform which can be accessed through internet from anywhere as per user convenience. Objective & Benefits: The main objective of this course is to digitally transform the organization and further strengthen capabilities as a whole for future growth. 

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Duration: 5.5 Hours

Validity: 2 Months

Course Fee : 300.00 INR