Earthing & Shock


Earthing & Shock

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to define earthing system, describe the significance and purpose of earthing in power systems and define terminologies related to earthing. It will also enable them to identify what needs to be earthed and explain the specifications of earth continuity conductor. The course will further describe the different types of earthing, differentiate between the types of neutral earthing, describe the specifications for testing earthing resistance and describe the design and application considerations for earthing. The course also covers the Indian Standard Rules specified for earthing, the maintenance practices of earthing pits. It will also discuss briefly about the dimensions required for Deep bore earthing, describe the design of an HT Transmission line, the specifications for Tower earthing and about earthing of Lightning arrestors.

Duration : 2 Hrs

Course Fee : 1,200.00 INR