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Choose Your Subscription Modules

Name MRP Offer Price Validity Description
Quarterly Package 50 USD 40 USD 90
Half yearly package 55 USD 50 USD 180
Yearly package 70 USD 65 USD 365

About Subscription model

Tata Steel Digie Shala is happy to announce the launch of its Subscription model for all its learning packages . This feature will allows you to buy all the gamut of e learning courses at once, whenever you need them.

With subscription models, you can get users access to a suite of services for a certain period of time.Thus giving you a chance to explore our e elearning courses.

The subscription model is also available with an early bird offer.

Our subscription model means that you have access to all of the e learning courses available at our website and many more will join also. Our aim is to continue to make e learning accessible to everyone with a simple and affordable option

Why chose us

Here are the major benefits of Tata Digie shala subscription model.

Subscription-based pricing is more affordable as compared to pay per module pricing.

Most of the newly added courses can be accessed without any extra charge.

Corporate can design a training outline for their employee by accessing all our learning courses at a nominal price.

It will motivate you to engage more, upskill yourself with a much faster rate.

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