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Course Fee : 29 USD

  • Course Duration : 7 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Did you ever have an idea that could bring value to your organization? This is the first step toward becoming an Entrepreneur, in other words, an entrepreneur within your company. Being an intrapreneur is primarily a state of mind. It is about discovering new ways of working on an exciting project or an opportunity to invent.

Course Objective

In this course, we will learn about:

  • Adopting the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Discovering to invent solutions
  • Moving from an idea to innovation
  • Selling ideas to our colleagues
  • Working with synergy in a team

Course Curriculum

The course is divided up into these levels:

  1. Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Invent the solution to a problem
  3. Move from ideas to innovation
  4. Sell your idea to your colleagues
  5. Get yourself a team

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