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Tata Steel Learning & Development, a century old learning & development wing of Tata Steel, has a vision to see Tata Steel become a pioneer in transforming the education landscape – a model for continuous, lifelong learning to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world which would eventually result in impacting every household in the world.

The vision is well aligned with our Tata Group philosophy of ‘improving the quality of life with community at the heart of all the efforts’. Becoming a skilled workforce is the need of the community today, especially in the challenging scenario with lack of proper infrastructure in our institutions in terms of technical, financial etc, and the huge gap between industry and academia.

We launched Tata Steel Digie-Shala in FY’21 to transform this vision into reality. Tata Steel Digie-Shala through its world class technical training caters to a wide range of audience across the globe from school & college students, teachers, working professionals and organisations in their upskilling journey thus paving the way towards uplifting the capability of the entire ecosystem in the Education domain across the globe. This model might be immensely useful as we spread our wings to the developing economies.

Uniqueness of the Programme:

We are the first company in world which has adopted a 3-pronged ATR approach of acting as a comprehensive competency Assessment agency >> Training provider >> Recruitment Services in the Steel industry domain. We have come up with Tata Steel Digie-Shala which encapsulates all these offerings onto one platform on our e-commerce website (www.capabilitydevelopment.org). The assessment pertains to different skillsets of a steel industry targeted at diverse audiences ranging from in-service professionals to Diploma / Engineering students. The training aspect has been transformed from the conventional methods of imparting classroom training to a virtual blended learning approach which encompasses the E-learning mode, Smart classes and Simulators.

On the recruitment front we have designed our Work from Home(WFH) Internships which caters to all students from any part of the country who wants to get an experience of Tata Steel. Additionally, we have been recruiting several top-notch candidates for our Tata Group companies and supply chain partners, and we have even collaborated with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to set up an employment exchange (Model Career Centre) to facilitate placements for meritorious students.

No. of People Affected by the Training:

Our website has approximately 0.4 million customers worldwide onboard and around 1 million E-learning courses allocated till date. We have recently started our digital marketing efforts for our brand on different social media platforms which will go several notches uphill in the times to come helping us create the brand awareness worldwide.

Unique Features:

  • a).  Get certified with an Industry Leader, Tata Steel, in the wide range of learning topics relevant for many industries
  • b).  24*7 accessibility of all the modules from anywhere through various devices
  • c).  Get assessed in the various domains of process industry to check your industry readiness or industry relevancy
  • d).  Single portal with multiple currency options included to get worldwide audiences take benefit from Tata Steel resources
  • e).  Real time allocation of all courses and completion certificates generated spontaneously on successfully finishing the courses

Advantages for Students:

  • a).   Helps the students in becoming industry ready.
  • b).   Students can assess their knowledge in various process domains.
  • c).   Adding weightage to their resumes through Tata Steel certified e-learning certificates.
  • d).   All-round year option of doing internships at Tata Steel through Tata Prashikshan portal (read the terms and conditions carefully).
  • e). Stay updated with the latest trends going through the manufacturing sector around the world.

Advantages for Professionals:

  • a).   Helps the professionals in staying industry relevant.
  • b).   Professionals can assess their knowledge regarding the core concepts of their roles in any process industry.
  • c).   Adding weightage to their profile through Tata Steel certified e-learning certificates.
  • d).   Stay updated with the latest trends going through the process industry around the world.
  • e).   An opportunity to learn about best practices in different work areas of a process industry outside the individual’s current role.

Advantages for Corporates:

  • a).   Leverage the futuristic Human Resource services of Tata Steel covering the areas from digital transformation to diversity and culture to leadership.
  • b).   Exploring the science of workforce planning to unleash the potential of their organisation through Tata Steel’s Productivity Services Consultancy.
  • c).   An opportunity to grow by undergoing a 100+ year young company’s best technical and managerial training services accompanied with a customised MIS to give a better picture of the learning curve of each employee.

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