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Course Fee : 12 USD

  • Course Duration : 2 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Earthing is used to defend us from an electric shock. It does this by providing a protective conductor for a default current to flow to the earth. It also contains a circuit breaker or fuse to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault. This course will help you to define the earthing system, define the significance and purpose of earthing in power systems and define terminologies related to earthing. It will also enable you to identify what needs to be earthed and explain the specifications of the earth continuity conductor. 


Course Objective

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to understand the Indian Standard Rules specified for earthing, the maintenance practices of earthing pits. It will also discuss briefly the dimensions required for Deep bore earthing, describe the design of an HT Transmission line, the specifications for Tower earthing, and about earthing of Lightning arrestors.

  • 1. Define Earthing System.
  • 2. Describe the significance and purpose of earthing in power systems.
  • 3. Identify what needs to be earthed.
  • 4. Explain the specifications of the earth continuity conductor.

Course Curriculum

  • Earthing System
  • Electrical Earthing Terminology
  • Basic Earthing Concepts
  • Key Component
  • Earthing Classification
  • Natural (System) Earthing Module Summary

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