Course Fee : USD 25

Course Fee : USD 10

  • Course Duration : 2 Hours
  • Validity : 60 Days


By the end of this module, the participants will be able to define an electrical power cable, explain its construction, describe the guidelines for cable laying and installation, describe the methods of cable laying and installation, explain the jointing of cables and list the design factors of a power cable. It will also enable them to explain stress control, identify the methods of stress control, describe the method of tracking, explain the method of weathering and define the process of cable maintenance.


Course Objective

1. Explanation of Power cable                                                 
2 Construction OF Power Cable                                  
3. Methods of Laying Power Cables.                                   
4. Jointing of Power cables.  

Course Curriculum

  • Design factor of a Power Cable
  • Stress Grading
  • Stress Control Method
  • Required Features for Stress Control
  • Tracking
  • Weathring
  • Tracking Resistance
  • Cable Maintenance

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