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Introduction to Electrohydraulic

Course Fee : 11 USD

  • Course Duration : 40 Minutes
  • Validity : 60 Days

This course includes certification from TATA STEEL


Electrohydraulic covers all combinations of electrical (electronic) signal processing with hydraulic drives. Electrohydraulic stands for an electrical control device that makes precise adjustments in a hydraulic system.

Course Objective

Our course will explain the principles of electro-hydraulics and determine the operating characteristics of an electro-hydraulic system based on parameters given. You will be able to determine the correct type of the proportional valve for a complete electrohydraulic system based on pressures and flow rate and load requirements. Also you will be able to learn how to wire, tune and troubleshoot the appropriate electro-hydraulic amplifier to a given proportional or servo valve circuit.

Course Curriculum

Basic Understanding of Hydraulics and Control System

Understanding Proportional and Servo Hydraulics

Proportional  Control Valve

Introduction to Servo Valve

Pilot stage and spool actuation technologies

Different types of Servo valves

Types of servo system

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