Fundamentals of Problem Solving 2 Webinar sessions: 07.08.2020


Fundamentals of Problem Solving 2 Webinar sessions: 07.08.2020

This course introduces the concept of problem solving and various problem solving approaches. The program aims to  cover the 7 QC tools which are the building blocks for any problem solving journey. Participants will also learn about analyzing the data by performing descriptive statistics and by using some of the exploratory data analysis tools.

Who should attend: 

  • Participants with interest in problem solving.
  • Participants aspiring to be Yellow Belt/Green Belt practitioner.
  • Mid-level Executives or Managers dealing with projects having known causes and solutions.


  • 1 day course with 2 Webinar Sessions (3 hours each)

Course Coverage: 

  • Problem definition
  • Overview of problem solving and task achieving.
  • Project Prioritization
  • Project Classification
  • Problem Solving Approaches
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Central tendency and dispersion
  • Hands on exercises
  • Introduction to basic QC tools
  • Pareto Diagram
  • Cause and effect Diagram
  • Check Sheet
  • Histogram
  • Stratification
  • Scatter plot
  • Graph-trend and control chart
  • Box plot


Date: 7th August 2020

Session 1: 09:30 am to 12:30 pm

Session 2: 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Course Fee: Rs.3000/ Participant

Course Fee : 3,000.00 INR