Programmable Logic Controller_PLC: 24.10.2020

Technical COURSE

Programmable Logic Controller_PLC: 24.10.2020

Can you imagine any industrial Automation System in  today’s time without a Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)? Certainly the answer to the above is “No”.  If we go couple of decades back, may be it was a fascination to have one in a process line, but today it has become a de-facto platform for implementation of different levels of Automation in all kind of industries.

Hence a solid understanding of functioning of PLC is very important for practicing Engineers as well as Students who may like to join such industries.

Program Objectives: 

To make the participants familiar with

  • Evolution of PLC
  • Different Functional Units of a PLC
  • Programing techniques
  • Industrial applications

Date: 24.10.2020

Time: 11:00pm - 01:00pm


Facilitator: Satyajit Pal

Delivery Mode:  MS Teams

Course Fee : 150.00 INR