Class rooms, laboratories and other training facilities are spread over 4 locations –


• N-Road campus : This campus includes the main office, the auditorium, the conference room and the class rooms of different capacities and styles, all air-conditioned. The campus also has a world class library facility.

• Training Shop : This campus, located inside the Works, constitutes class rooms and the laboratories in various disciplines viz. Mechanical assembly, Fluid power, Automobile, Welding, Digital and analog drives, Process control and Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Refractories and Information technology. All the laboratories are equipped with facilities to deliver demonstration and hands-on training for development of entire range of skills required to run the steel plant including trade testing facilities. The ‘Advance Training Facility’ building, with all the state-of-the-art training facilities, came up in 1989 in collaboration with the then ‘Hoogovens Technical Services’ in Netherlands for upgrading the existing technical training systems here.

• Crane Training Centre (CTC) : This is also situated inside the Works and is staistically dedicated for training on crane operations and rigging separated location and is specifically dedicated for training on crane operations and rigging.

• Employee Training Centre (ETC) : This centre is situated outside but very near to the plant, 1.5 KM away from the N-Road campus. Presently it is used for training of contractor's labour and some special requirement such as like for such as expansion programmes.

Operations at SNTI are segregated into the following five groups/ sections –


1. Process operation : It is responsible for providing training in Iron making, Steel making and Rolling technology primarily in the Metallurgical areas.

2. Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation (EEI) : It is responsible for imparting training in the IEM maintenance related areas.

3. Mechanical : It is responsible for providing training in the mechanical maintenance areas.

4. IT : IT Application (ITA) responsible for training in IT and Automation related training programmes.

5. Cadre Training, Recruitment and Administrative (CTRA) : It is responsible for the recruitment activities, coordinating training for the cadres and entire administrative jobs of SNTI covering all the locations.